Samepage Samepage is a newly launched collaboration platform for teams needing a single location to centralize and share content. Simple, intuitive and functional, Samepage provides the tools necessary to simply create beautiful webpages where multiple people come together and organize their ideas, activities, and projects. Ensemble members have access to a special Ensemble package. After signing up, please send an email to to finalize your special account upgrade for being a member of Ensemble Coworking Space.
Corporate Perks Sign up for free to participate in Corporate Perks' network of benefits for you and your company. Discounts cover Computers & Electronics, Dining, Travel, Cell Phones and more. Sign up for Ensemble's Corporate Perks.
PaylessRx Want to save on prescriptions without having to pay? Try Ensemble's new PaylessRx Pharmacy discount card. Download the card now or find out more about the program first.
TimeEtc Now you can pay talented, hand-picked, American people BY THE HOUR to do things like admin, marketing and customer support. No commitment. No contract.
A special partnership with Ensemble gets you $100 free to start.
ZYNCD Can't find the help you need on the Ensemble perks page? Try Zyncd. They help you crowdshare your team's skills to get the ones you need. Search Zyncd for the skills to get you to the next level.

ARCADE will text you every weekday at 10am with 2 main dishes that you can order before 11am. It will be delivered straight to your desk by 1pm, we delivery south of 59th street. Along with food, ARCADE also has funny GIFs, games, jokes, and contests with cool businesses around NYC.

For your first order and every order after that, simply text ENSEMBLE to get 10% off. You'll be prompted for your zip code to sign up and after your order, you'll be asked to enter your payment and delivery information all through text.

Payment processing
BugClipper BugClipper is a visual bug reporting tool that has solved how Clients, Developers and QA testers collaborate on app development. It lets you report issues with screenshots and share screen recordings with just one tap. All the important information like Device, Operating System, CPU and Memory are automatically added and turned into a visual and actionable task.

Mention Ensemble to receive a free Plus subscription for 3 months.
Inspectlet Inspectlet is a tool to watch individual visitors use your site as if you're looking over their shoulders.
Coworking Partners
Berlin, Germany B+Office
Whether you're a freelancer, a sole trader, a start-up or even a team, we are the provider of choice for anyone seeking for work space to do business, being creative or just network with like-minded professionals. Our stylish CoWorking space as well as the Executive Offices are situated right in the vibrant heart of Berlin-Kreuzbergs renowned Bergmann Kiez. As famous as the historic Bauhaus building we´re located in, as relaxed and friendly, but highly professional, is the service we offer to you.
Barcelona, Spain BCNewt
BCNewt is a coworking in Barcelona with a focus on Media, Communication and Creative industries. It is a shared workspace designed to stimulate the implementation of ideas, projects and most importantly: Coworking! What began as an industrial building located in the most innovative and modern district of Barcelona, has now become a coworking space community for entrepreneurs, created with a transgressive eco spirit. More than a share office in Barcelona, BCNewt is a new lifestyle that allows you to be more productive and expand your network of contacts.
Meet Ensemble, one of the coolest coworking office spaces in Midtown Manhattan. Conveniently located, fairly priced and easily accessible, we are the office space for you, whether you are a startup or an established company. We offer individual open seating, dedicated office seats as well as private offices. Come visit us for a tour and to find out more.
Ensemble Coworking Space NYC

32 W 39th Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

(646) 661-3932
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